Thursday, September 18, 2008


Ok, sorry folks, but I am going to torture you with another poem. The essay I intended to post for today is still gestating. That's how writing works for me sometimes. The theme, words, stories, etc. gestate on a back burner sometimes for days before they are ready.

I just gave up on trying to nap; I've never been a good daytime sleeper. This poem came to me and I decided it will have to do for today.

Painting courtesy of Ellen Joffe-Halpern, Williamstown, Massachusetts


Waiting for sleep
One foot cradled in the sole of its partner
An arm draped across another

Turning towards myself
For comfort

Inside small parts quake
Surrounding tissues swaddle
"There, there, you mustn't shake so.
There is no energy to spare
for fear"

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