Monday, November 3, 2008

Michelle named as one of the 3 most important people in US and global healthcare to have died in October

Today I learned that the Editor-in-Chief of Health Affairs, the leading journal of healthcare policy and the main source of healthcare information for those on Capitol Hill, named three individuals who died in October whose "lives underscore the importance of improving health and healthcare worldwide." One was a Dean of Columbia University's School of Public Health for over 2 decades, one was a congressman who chaired the House Health subcommittee and championed a myriad of health reforms, and the third was my wife.

Michelle often wondered whether what she did was actually touching anyone, whether she really did make a difference in the vast often immovable sea of healthcare. For those of you who have read her blog, you already know the answer inside each of you. Now, so does the world.

Bill Steinbach