Friday, October 17, 2008

Michelle discusses her illness (June 2008)


Terri said...

I'm so glad this video was moved to this area. Putting a face and voice to this incredibly gifted woman's words, while causing a deeper sadness, also allows us to 'know' Michelle on another level.
Rest in peace Michelle. Or at least try before running some new club or group :)

Angel said...


I am a graduate school friend of Michelle's that she reconnected with when I was suffering severe antenatal depression and her disease was progressing. She listened to the depth of my pain. She researched the medical literature for me so I could go prepared to my OB appointments with the latest research findings to hold off on a repeat C-section and have a vaginal birth-the biggest accomplishment in my life.

During college Michelle and i would take grueling 10 mile runs together, but since we always talked and laughed throughout the trip, they were more fun than one could imagine.

I love you Michelle, and I will always miss you dear friend.

Angela K.

Linda Summerfield Crispell said...

What a beautiful human being.

Samaire Anson said...

michelle moved me in so many ways; even on how to raise my son. i've learned a great deal through her words, emotions and kindness.

i will never forget the mark that she has left on me.


MrsSarahMurray said...

Thank you for putting that right up front where everyone could see it if they hadn't already. I miss her words so very much. She had such a purpose here. I will remember always when I am having a stressful day or arguing with the kids or my husband, just how precious life is and think about what kind of memory I want to leave. The words she wrote and the words she spoke were some of the most powerful I have ever known. Appreciating life is something we all need to do more of, Michelle has reminded us how. We will all miss her so very much.

desert dirt diva said...

Thank you michelle for those great words, and for Bill to post this video..I will start taking more time with my kids....and the hair thing i can totally realte.. but michelle was right about that.. she sounds like she would of been and awsome person to know...maybe one day we will meet..Bill I hope you and the kids are alright,once again thank you for posting this video.
take care vicki

Lauren said...

Thank you so much for this video. It was bittersweet to have a beautiful face and voice to go with the words I've read. I can only hope to find the courage to live life to the fullest the way Michelle did. I will continue to hold your family in my prayers.

Ellen said...

Lovely...and just as beautiful in person and presence as her words are on to me on the screen! Thanks for posting this here.

While having lunch with a friend today I was talking about Michelle's blog and what I learned from some of her postings. Just the retelling of some of Michelle's stories sent a shiver up my friend's spine and made her smile. My husband is also now reading her entire blog for the first time. He loves it. Her legacy lives on...

(((Hugs))) to you and your family, Bill.

A Cyberfriend

Dana said...

Bill, Thank You for sharing your beautiful wife with the world. Her death has taught people how to live. What a special gift!

Amanda said...

Thank you Bill for loving Michelle as you did. You made her life.

I cried the entire time I listened. I have never felt so connected to a person without having a two-way conversation. I talked about her to everyone I could. I shared her story and encouraged others to visit her blog.

Putting a face to the story means a lot to the readers and of course myself. How fortunate it was that we have found her. She has touched us all and will always be in my prayers.

Thank you for posting this video.
The children and you are in my prayers.


Anonymous said...

I've just found this blog after hearing Fr. John yesterday. The church is so large, but I do recall seeing Michelle at the 9:15 mass every so often. I will read through her posts in the upcoming days, right now I am just so tearful in the wake of her bravery and in the loss that those who know her must be feeling. Prayers and Best wishes.

Kari said...

This is extraordinarily profound and inspiring. It has changed my perspective in several ways. THANK YOU for bringing us to Michelle and celebrating her life.
My condolences on her passing.
May we all cherish each day.
Big hugs!!!

Linda B said...

Thank you for sharing this video. I have had Scleroderma since 2002, was fine until this year.
I havent begun to read the posts yet, just the front page and the video. Michelle has helped me to now realize that I must make the most of each day, even though I have limitations I can be there for those that need me. She is at peace, and smiling at all of you. May God Bless you and your two children!
Linda B.

Anonymous said...

No matter in the darkest of moments of you or your children grieving for Michelle, know that her loves has passed onto you forever and always. Thank you for sharing her video. I am so much more blessed having seen her video. My wishes for you in this moment are for you and your family to feel Michelle's love and for you to live the best way you can for her. She'd smile at you and give you that look of love she had for you.
With my deepest of sympathies,

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