Monday, August 4, 2008

If a picture says a 1,000 words ...

... how much does a video say? Bill and recorded this in late June when I decided to go on TPN. It's 19 minutes long just so you know.

By the way, the nausea and abdominal pain are finally gone and I weighed 83 pounds this morning!


Lexi said...

Hi Michelle,

Allison Colgin sent me a link to your blog, and I have been reading it all morning. Is there a way to e-mail you directly rather than leave comments on the blog?

With love,


Michelle Mayer said...


My email is

Look forward to hearing from you.


Sue R said...

Thank you for your sharing in your video, and in your blog. I work for a hospice, and I've had people tell me that living with the awareness that death is coming can lead to a deeper, richer life, however contradictory that sounds. I'm so glad you're gaining weight, and I hope you're here a long time. But I do think it's really good that you are so open with everyone, your kids especially, about living with your challenges and the possibility that your life will be short.

My mom was 36 when she died, and one of the gifts it gave me was a greater awareness that we may run out of time a lot sooner than we expect. It made me want to make my life as full of meaning as it can be. My life has been very good. And though I feared I'd die young like my mother did, here I am, almost 54, glad to be showing signs of aging, and very thankful that I've been given this long.

None of us knows how long we have, and all of us are dying eventually. It's just some live with that knowledge more intensely than others. And you are leaving such a legacy for your children by these blogs, and that video. It will be treasured when your time eventually comes.

Take care of yourself, and keep living as well as you can.